The Antigravity Illusion

The fine jewellery collection by PalladinGold™ and Tatyana Kholodnova

The Antigravity Illusion —
the product of the collaboration

The jewellery studio PalladinGold and the talented jewellery designer, Tatyana Kholodnova, present their collaboration: alliance of space technology and artistic thought embodied in jewellery.

The Antigravity Illusion — the product of the collaboration — Is based on the work of the Honoured Jeweller of Russia Felix Kuznetsov «Crown «Ramses II», which represents the illusion of antigravity in the perception of a real object. The collection is an exquisite four-piece jewellery set designed as a continuous line forming a 3-dimensional abstract shape. It is the result of an unparalleled unification of space technology, unique alloys and artistic thought.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the precious alloy PalladinGold™ 950, such as improved hardness, it is now possible to bring the boldest design ideas to life for everyday use without fearing the deformation of the jewellery.